Registration data:

NIP: 525-234-4055
Regon: 140206291
KRS: 0000635620

The LPG Polonia head office is located in Warsaw. Moreover, we have operational seats in Warsaw, Pulawy and Poddebice area.
Thanks to good location, in the center part of Poland and nearby A1 and A2 highway, the logistics capabilities of our company are improved, what in result guarantee high level of services, timeliness, dependability and lower cost for our clients. Vehicles use to liquid fuels transport are located in the biggest fuel bases in all territory of Poland.

Liability and safety


Company LPG Polonia has a civil  liability insurance policy in case of damage caused in connection with carried activity in the range of domestic and international road transport for the sum of 350 000 USD. Additionally we have a property insurance (Cargo) for the sum of 350 000 zl and an insurance for possible damage caused while loading and unloading for the sum of 200 000zl.
LPG Polonia Co., Ltd. has a Policy of Road Carrier Civil Liability taken out in PZU S.A which protects the interests of customers against damage, theft, robbery up to the sum of 350 000USD.
The policy involves domestic and international transport.  We also have a policy in case of damage of handling hazardousgoods.

Additional forms of protections of our all load are numerical seals of Swiss Company UNISTO and electronic metering of unloading systems big part of our vehicle fleet.

System GPS, which all our cars are equipped with, watches over the safety of vehicles and transported load. Our qualified staff will deliver load safely and quickly in any place in the country and Europe.

We cooperate with our customers/clients both on the basis of long-term contracts and one-time spot orders.
Our vehicles are in a constant movement in the areas of almost all Europe including Russia, Ukraine. Thanks to a big number of our vehicles there is a possibility to complete orders from one day to the next. For each customer we try to arrange conditions of cooperation on the basis of arrangements of routes and carried loads.
Our aim is to ensure our customers prompt and safe transport on the domestic and international routes and a continuous increase of satisfaction from mutual cooperation. Thanks to neatly worked out procedures and instructions, our staff is able to provide services on an equally high level and conducted trainings have the task of continuous improvement and development.

From our services make use the following:
– fuel concerns
– production enterprises
– freight forwarding and transport companies

Thanks to GPS service there is a possibility to follow a delivery from the moment of departure to the final unloading via www website or contacting with us by phone or sms.

With a constant cooperation there is a possibility to place your logo (or other trade mark or advertisement) on our semi-trailers.

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Licenses and Certificates

Posiadamy licencję krajową nr 0155860 na wykonywanie usług transportowych

Posiadamy licencję międzynarodową nr TU-016464 na wykonywanie usług transportowych

Jesteśmy członkiem Zrzeszenia Międzynarodowych Przewoźników Drogowych w Warszawie – w transporcie na kierunkach wschodnich korzystamy z karnetów TIR.

Od lipca 2008 posiadamy Certyfikat System Zarządzania Jakością zgodnie z normą: PN-EN ISO 9001:2001.

Posiadamy Certyfikat System Zarządzania Jakością zgodnie z normą: PN-EN ISO 9001:2015.

Licencja polska
Licencja europiejska

To improve the circulation of information in our company we use an integrated computer system of INTERLAN company.