Our fleet consist of vehicles the European biggest brands.

Our vehicles (produced between 2006-2008 ) characterize by:
– all are compatible with Euro 4 – Euro 5 exhaust-gas standard
– having valid permission required for transportation of hazardous materials, according to the ADR convention
– semi-trailers are equipped with modern unloading systems which using compressor or pump.

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Our truck tractors

In order to carry out the services, our fleet consist of Scania, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes – Benz trucks, with engines power from 380 to 480 hp.
Depending on usage each vehicle can be additionally equipped with Hydrive hydraulic system from Hyva company, which use to drive pumps (fuels, gas, AdBlue, chemical products). In other case, can be use pressure from compressors (Harr brand). Usually in this way we have to discharge highly corrosive or very dense chemical products.

All trucks have high line base equipment and possibility to provide very fast transport services by 2-drivers crew.

For safety all our entire fleet of trucks is equipped with the GPS position-finding system.

Our tanks

Liquid fuel

– capacity from 32 000 to 38 000 liters
– 4 or 5 chambers with different size

– by flow meters system
– by distribution system with pumps and flow meters
– All flow meters have actual homologation aligned to the work result in 15 degrees
– most of them is in neutral white colors

We use modern PreciTurbo unloading systems, made by Haar company, which give us opportunities of providing high standard services for all petrol stations. All trucks are equipped in flow meters which can measure the quantity of loading/unloading fuels (petrol, diesel and other)
Additionally we use pumps (Precima 700 by Haar) which give us possibility of unloading to big ground tanks in maximum distance to 20-25 meters.

Additionally installed pumps (Precima 700 Haar company) gives the possibility of unloading to ground tanks. Tankers are to unloading via dry or wet hose (a possibility of unloading to 20-25 meters)


– all tanker are tested and certified to ISO 22241 (stainless Steel and thermo-insulation)
– tankers use distribution systems (according to MID directive (2004/22/WE)) which work on Danish’s company Proces-Data systems. This mechanism give possibility to unloading to ground and underground tanks
– a possibility of loading about 22-22,5 thousand liters (about 24-25 tons) AdBlue
– tankers are equipped with “dry break” hose couplings and specially designed valves for unloading to mauzer-type containers

Hazardous and neutral chemical materials

– tanks-thermos made of stainless steel
– all our vehicles (tanker code L4BH) have a permission to load hazardous materials assigned to class 3-9 according to the ADR convention.
– unloading systems with compressor (pressure to 3 bar)
– equipped in own electrical heating system or possibility to connect steam to warm up materials that must be stored at a specified temperature
– tankers capacity about 32-33 m3 and possibility to load 24-25 tons of product

Our silos